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The Cozy Rosy Story

Ah, let me tell you a tale of a place that has seen many changes and yet still retains its heart and soul. The Cozy Rosy GlampGround, a place of relaxation, laughter and adventure. It was 1986 when Daddy O' and his wife Linda Orrison first took ownership of this special place naming it Camp Journeys End  They tended to it with love and care for 20 years, until 2006 when a group of investors took over. But the campground was not forgotten by the Orrison family, for in September 2022, Daddy O's children Brad and Brooke bought back this piece of their family's history and named it after the one and only Grandma Betty Rose.

Now, it's a glamping paradise, with Yurts, Cabins and plenty of lots for you to make your own. Not to mention, The Cozy Rosy GlampGround is home to The World Famous "Shed Barbeque & Blues Joint", where you can sample some of the best BBQ around while tapping your feet to the beat of live music. And don't worry, there's plenty of activities to keep you and the kids entertained, from boat launches and fishing piers, to picnic areas and playgrounds.


And if you need anything for your camping adventure, Lady Bug's Campstore is at your service, providing all the essentials for a memorable stay. The Cozy Rosy GlampGround is a place for the whole family to enjoy, so come on down and immerse yourself in the larger than life spirit of Grandma Betty Rose. Safe travels!

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